Our shop is more like a Californian wine center in Wisconsin. We provide all the best quality wines in California. We cover California from top to bottom and hand-select our portfolio of wines from smaller producers to the biggest one. We also feature many organic wines as well especially the hard to find California cult wines.
ABOUT US | V West Hollywood Wine Boutique

V West Hollywood Wine Boutique is founded by Rachel Williams in the year 2006. It is the first wine boutique to focus entirely on the artisan gems of California. Over the years of serving the state of Wisconsin, we’ve become the premier source for high quality, traditionally styled Californian wines. Many seek us due to the products that we provide here. We keep both vintage wines and rare wines that are not usually found elsewhere.
Our boutique has been awarded already by many prestigious award-giving bodies locally and internationally. The boutique has also been featured in numerous publications, magazines, news, blogs, articles, and more. We are proud to be in this business as we are dedicated and passionate in what we are doing and what we are offering. Our curators have also been awarded several times for their contributions to the wine industry and we are proud to be their distributor.

V West Hollywood is hosting an in-store tasting to visiting wine connoisseurs. We are also in support of the local food talents which many will see in our store. Other than that, we are hosting pop-ups wine tastings as well in some areas of Wisconsin featuring all the California wines and different local cuisine. We are a wine store, a wine bar, & a wine club located in the heart of Wisconsin. We have access to wines that you will not find in any retail stores. We are also the calmest wine bar in the state of Wisconsin. We open at 6 PM, seven nights a week. Drop by and meet our knowledgeable staff and our world-class Sommelier. we’d love to see you in our humble V West Hollywood Wine Boutique.