Common Garage Door Repair Tasks

Although you might think that garage door is a simple machine but you will have to know that it is made of a lot of risky and complex hardware. There are several garage door parts that could fail. In order to prepare myself for the emergency situations, I searched around to find out the best garage door repair near me. I will share my experience so that you will be familiar with the common problems of garage door.

  • Garage door does not open and close completely:

If you have automatic garage door, it might come with two safety sensors. It is essential that these sensors should be aligned perfectly and not to have any type of obstruction. If they are not the source to the malfunctioning, then culprit might be the limit switch setting. Normally, it is located near the garage door opener. It has screws to adjust the setting. One you have done the adjustment, you should see if it solves the issue.

  • Garage door reverses:

In some situations, garage door opens again before touching the ground. To fix this issue, you will have to readjust the limit switch again. In case, your garage door does not reach the ground while going down, the culprit might be close force adjustment system. This issue happens as your garage door gets older and springs broken. In this case, you will have to tightened and loose the tension of the springs.

  • Garage door won’t stop functioning:

You might notice that the motor of garage door opener seems to keep running after garage door closes completely. It also means that you will have to check and adjust the limit switch. You can straighten and adjust the dented tracks to see whether this trick works. Seriously damaged parts should be replaced.

  • Motor running but garage door does not move:

If your garage door opener is running but garage door does not move. It means that you will have to check the other parts of the operating system to make sure that they are no obstructions. Even though the motor have enough power to lift the weight of garage door, there is chance that the springs might not tensed properly. In order to test the garage door, disconnect it to operate manually. Lift the garage door to its halfway, it is supposed to be stable. If it does not you will have to adjust the tension of the springs, consult professional garage door specialist for this.