Common Techniques for Garage Door Maintenance

Most people don’t really take the efforts to keep their garage doors maintained until they stop functioning properly and smoothly. However, performing frequent garage door maintenance services make it last long and efficient to work. Inspecting and washing it regularly makes you able to detect potential problems earlier and keep your garage door in tip-top condition. Thus, makes it possible to take the necessary steps before the garage door problems worsen.

A mild household detergent and a soft car brush will be enough for routine cleaning of garage door which is normally suggested at least 2 to 3 times a year. Most people used to wash their garage door when they wash their car which is also a good idea. Avoid using harsh or corrosive cleaning material while washing a garage door. These chemicals do a lot of damages and can badly affect the performance and durability of a garage door. In some places, where the winter season is severe, slating the frozen garage door and drive-through can help you to get away with fewer efforts. If you practice this tip, make sure to clean the bottom of the garage door as slat is harsh and can damage the vulnerable panels or components of the garage door.

Wooden garage door maintenance should be done according to directions given by the manufacturer. Normally, it is suggested that a wood garage door should be painted on the interior and exterior. This task should be accomplished each year or every two years. If you want to reduce your efforts and cost of services and consider painting the exterior of the wooden garage door, then think about it once again. Polishing or painting just the outer surface won’t be as effective as panting both sides of the garage door because warping may happen as a result of water damages or moisture infiltration.

You should also perform garage door maintenance on the operating hardware such as, rollers, springs, and hinges. After cleaning all the components, you should use light silicone spray on all rollers, springs, and hinges at least once a year. It will prevent these parts from getting rusty and enhance the overall life span of the garage door.

Furthermore, garage door springs ought to be inspected and maintained every three to five months. They are ought to be coated every using any premium quality oil. Allow the oil to set in order to coat the cables of the garage door springs. While inspecting and oiling the garage door components, you should check the physical conditions of this hardware.

Continue operations of the garage door can lead to damages to the hardware. Any loose screw, bolt, or nut should be tightened in order to keep the garage door components in place. If you experience that a garage door cable, spring, hinge, or roller is out of order or need to be replaced, consult a local garage door company to handle them. These garage door components especially the torsion springs are highly stressed parts that can be dangerous to handle on your own and lead to serious accidents to anyone who is not trained and skilled in this field.

Basic garage door maintenance routines such as, regular cleaning and oiling the garage door bring a huge difference in the functionality and longevity of the garage door. In a long run, it saves you from a lot of inconveniences and troubles. Often damages catching earlier allow you to avoid it from worsening and consequently, causing costly garage door repair projects.