Garage Door Repair Stop Grinding Noises

An overhead garage door is one of the important pieces of equipment you have in your home. These are extremely efficient and convenient machines that will last longer if you pay proper attention and care. Many homeowners are unaware of the fact that their functional garage door needs regular maintenance and up keeping services like an automobile. Here I will explain one of the most important garage door service calls that are a complaint of grinding, loud, or scraping sounds coming from the garage door while opening and closing operations. It normally happens with the old, traditional, or worn-out garage doors which have not got proper maintenance service. The causes behind these problems are varied but the following are the common reasons:

  • Rust may have accumulated on the hinges of the garage door
  • The bolts, screws, and nuts within the mounting brackets may be worn out which need to be replaced
  • Garage door panels have been wrapped due to extreme temperature
  • Hinges, bearing, screws, and screwdrivers have not been oiled
  • The entire mechanism has not been maintained on a regular basis

In some cases, the application of high-quality silicone spray on the garage door tracks, hinges, and springs can help you to keep quiet the operations of a garage door. It definitely depends on what type and style of garage door you have installed in your home. If you have not been performed garage door maintenance tasks periodically, serious damages may have occurred which demanding additional services. It is always recommended that if you are not familiar with the structure of the garage door you have then you should consult a professional garage door expert immediately so that the damages do not become worse. Never let the screeching or grinding sounds go on too long. Contact a garage door repair services as fast as possible to fix the issues. Before hiring a garage door technician, there are certain things that should be kept in mind:

Make sure that your chosen technician has the right expertise in all types of garage doors. They are qualified and experienced enough to diagnose the causes related to the screeching and grinding sounds and offer you valuable solutions. Make sure that the garage door company you choose is registered and licensed to operate its business in a certain area. Remember that there are plenty of “fly by night” garage door companies that do not have the required permissions to do the business. Always beware of them and get the right information about their license and legal status. Make sure that the garage door company will be able to complete its job on the same day when the work is started. You don’t believe that I have heard horror stories about the companies starting work but never returned to finish it. Make sure to check the prices and any upfront charges. Reputed garage door companies always offer free estimation and service calls. You will have to choose wisely.