How to Choose a Best Garage Door

If you want to increase the value of your house, you will realize that adding a garage door is an easy and affordable way to enhance security and curb appeal. A stylish garage door will distinguish it from the rest of your neighborhood. To avail extra features, custom-made garage doors can be created according to your specifications. “How to choose a new garage door” is a considerable question as there is a wide variety of designs and materials to choose from.

Types of garage doors:

The fashion of old manual garage doors is gone. Nowadays, you will find that motorized and remotely controlled garage doors are produced for garages. The famous type is the overhead garage door. The primary concern in choosing the right garage door should be the material used. Choose the best materials according to the needs, budget, and style of your building. There are three main materials used for the garage doors constructions including wood, steel, and fiberglass. While planning to install a garage door, you should consider its material and type of operating mechanism. You can also incorporate into your planning such points as heating requirements and unique style using windows.

Overhead garage doors: Overhead garage doors are the most famous type of garage door available in the market. Due to automatic stop and start features, people find them easy to use and maintain with wonderful options and safety accessories. These garage doors function with rolling cost technology. They roll up and are stored along with the ceiling of a garage door. Other remarkable features are smooth, quiet, and compact operations. Installing an overhead garage door is not a simple task without the help of professionals.

The curb appeal of wood garage doors: Wood garage doors are preferred for their attractive appearance and style than durability. You can choose solid cedar wood garage doors for durability which will last for years and look amazing. Sectional wood garage doors are constructed with several panels or solid blocks of wood. The biggest disadvantage of wood garage doors is that the wood expands and contracts which can develop cracks and warps. It demands refinishing or repainting every couple of years to keep it looking wonderful.

Metal garage doors have several advantages: The main advantages of steel garage doors are that they won’t crack or warp due to extreme moisture. With no refinishing or repainting requirements, these garage doors need little maintenance to keep your home looking good. Nowadays metal garage doors are created with hot-dipped galvanized steel that is vinyl clad to give a polyester finish. Another advantage of steel garage doors is that they give you the look of wood without a huge maintenance service. Some grained steel skin can be painted to look just like solid wood.

Some manufactures use composite material or vinyl boards on the outer surface of the steel garage door to make it look good. The only disadvantages to the steel garage doors are that they get dents and bump easily which can be hard to fix. A premium quality garage door has 2 inches thick skin filled with insulation form. A cheap garage door is normally thinner with 28 gauge steel. These garage doors offer benefits of wood with low cost, little maintenance needs, and the exterior of the wooden garage doors.

Fiberglass garage door: Fiberglass garage doors are sometimes called GRP which are ideal for the areas where light is important or have salty ocean climates. These garage doors need little exterior cleaning to retain good finishing. They normally do not need to be finished or stained. Fiberglass is a hard and durable material that will look good for years.

Conclusion: Each garage door material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Steel garage doors are sturdy and strong to give value for money. Wood garage doors are natural insulators and have an appealing look. Fiberglass garage doors need low maintenance and offering a wooden effect. While choosing the best garage door, you will be sure that it increases the value, curb appeal of your house and offer security.