TESTIMONIALS  | V West Hollywood

I came here last week with a friend, and I fell in love with this place. The service is world-class. The foods they serve are mouth-watering and the atmosphere is relaxing. I will come back to V West Hollywood again. If you are looking for a peaceful and romantic wine boutique where you can bring your loved ones, then visit the V West Hollywood.


After our dinner with my wife, we went to V West Hollywood Wine Boutique to have a glass of wine in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. We’ve enjoyed everything in this place, and we will come back again soon. The V West Hollywood Wine Boutique is worth visiting.


We have been visiting the V West Hollywood Wine Boutique for years now. We always make it a priority to visit the place every time my husband and I are down near their area to have our dinner date. They have an amazing staff here that treats us like family. The wine and tapas are our all-time favorite. I highly recommend this combo. Also, if you are a fan of crafted beers then definitely, you should try what they are selling here.


My husband and I stopped into V West Hollywood Wine Boutique on a recent trip to Wisconsin. What a lovely, friendly, elegant, peaceful and calm venue. We’ve tasted two different wines: the California wine which we rated as excellent and the pinot noir which was top notch. They offer tapas, bread, cheese, and fruit plates. We got our own snacks which composed of fresh and beautifully plated cheese products that they have. Have a taste of California crafted wine at V West Hollywood located in Wisconsin. When we visit the area again, we will definitely get the same wine because it is really good. Highly recommended for those locals and tourists out there in Wisconsin.