Garage Door Repair – The Steps to Success

Garage door repair project does not have to be complicated as it sounds. Yup, you cannot believe, there are some garage door repair procedures that you can handle on your own without calling a professional garage door company. You just need to have good knowledge, technical skills, and appropriate tools to fix a garage door. Good garage door services and maintenance actually start from the constructions period of the building. Constructing a garage with sufficient space and installing an efficient garage door can help reduce the need for frequent repair later on.

Standard Garage Dimensions:

The ideal size of the standard garage is (24’x24′) twenty-four by twenty-four-foot space. A large roomy garage size has (28’x28′) twenty-eight by twenty-eight-foot area. Choosing the right size of garage door is another major consideration. A standard size garage door is nine feet wide and seven feet tall. This size of garage door is perfect for all cars except large vehicles. When it concerns parking suburban, trucks, or vans, then a larger ten-foot-wide and eight-feel-high garage door is recommended. It is always suggested to construct a standard size garage to be used standard size of a garage door. Even making a garage opening a few inches wider or narrow will need to order a customized garage door. The items that are prepared on special order can be expensive.

While constructing a garage to accommodate large-sized vehicles, it is vital to understand that the ceiling of the garage must be higher. The standard ceiling height should be eight feet high to be matched with the seven-foot-high garage door. For an eight-foot-tall garage door, you need at least nine to ten-foot clearance inside the structure of the garage.

Need for garage door repair:

The garage door repair project starts with the inspection of metal tracks and other moving hardware. In case, tracks are dented or misaligned, the garage door cannot travel up and down on them. You can use a hammer and a block of wood to remove the dents by tapping the tracks back straight once again. A garage door has many moving components, so make sure that there are no loose screws, bolts, or brackets inside the mounting brackets of the garage door. You can use a simple screwdriver to fix the problems.

The next important point to be checked is if the garage door rollers get dry, damaged, gum up due to excess grease or oil. Other greasy material and dirt accumulated on the garage door can make it malfunction.

And finally, broken torsion springs and cables are a threat to the functionality of the garage door. Removal and installation of garage door springs are dangerous to handle. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that hire a professional garage door expert to deal with them.

Routine garage door inspection and maintenance can ensure a longer and functional life. Sooner or later you will end up paying garage door repair bills, but at least if you perform simple garage door maintenance work every few months, the system should have a long life.